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What is Launchpad?

Launchpad, it might sound really different for a class, but it’s filled with lots of students who have a passion for getting closer to their relationship with each other, and God. This class is in our high school and meets at The Zone on Deer Flat Rd. It’s a Christian class where the students read the bible, and go through the many books in it. Lessons are also taught as well. It’s honestly like a mini church, filled with loads of people who love to make each other’s day so much better than it was.


The class is very loving, appreciative, and close. They always tell each other anything that needs to get off their chest. If anyone is going through a bad day/time, teachers and classmates will always let each other know that they’re there. You will feel like everyone is family. Lessons can be about anything, whether it would be about the current news, news in Kuna, or something that one of the student’s has been wanting to speak about.


When asked what she liked about the class, Madi Mcfate responded with, “I love being able to read the Bible during school. It helps get me through the week, it’s a booster! Everyone knows you and treats you as a brother or sister.” How does everyone connect with each other?, “The way we talk to each other. We’re all here for each other, and sometimes we like to tease one another. All of us can just be ourselves. We are able to ask each other if we need anything like a prayer”. These are one of the many classes that are available at the high school, and anyone is welcome! It’s an elective and it’s only class is during 3rd period. FCA is completely different from this, since it only meets on a certain day during intervention, and is a club. However, Launchpad is a whole period, and has more activities for you to do in a longer amount of time.