Current Events

Current Events

June is LGBT+ Pride Month

For centuries LGBT+ people have faced oppression simply for being who they are. We have this idea that LGBT+  people are not still oppressed, but gay marriage only became legal in America in 2015. The Netherlands, the first country in the world legalize gay marriage, only legalized it in 2001. So it's only been 16 years since gay people could be  married in the world at all, and it doesn’t seem like that long of a time. But the world is becoming more and more accepting, and we have certain people to thank for that.

Many events are held during the month of June to honor LGBT+ history. Such as the Lesbian and gay city festival in Berlin, World pride in Toronto, and lastly here in Boise we hold a Boise parade to celebrate along with many other US citizens.

Most people wonder why June? Well June is when the Stonewall Riots happened in Manhattan, on June 28th, 1969. The riots were LGBT+ people held a series of spontaneous events, often violent demonstrations to protest against the raid and calling for the establishment of places that gays and lesbians could be open about their sexual orientation.   

The parade held here in downtown Boise, is an annual parade. On June 13th, LGBT+ people of all ages come to downtown Boise and have a parade, which is about an hour, but the festival is all day.  This event is welcoming to anybody weather you are gay or straight, so please come and support.