Current Events

Current Events

The Trial of Mark Meechan

Jordan Klaas

Ryan Hurst

The popular YouTuber, Mark Meechan, known under the persona of Count Dankula, has recently come under fire for a certain video he made recently.

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Senior Advice for Younger Classmen

Each and every single person in this world has a story that holds many lessons and legacies that are essential to share and teach the younger generations; whether it be that of a military soldier wounded in war or a grocery store clerk making small talk with strangers who don’t really care, we all have a piece of who we are to give to everyone around us. One of the most important groups of individuals who will share their stories with the people are the soon-to-be-graduating seniors of Kuna High School. High school is one of the hardest and most difficult points in our lives where we gain the knowledge we will need to survive in society and how to properly do just that. It is a moment of joy and tears, exhaustion and adrenaline, and most of all trials and memories. During the past week, a handful of seniors were asked what advice they’d give younger classmen as they go through high school.

A senior, who didn’t want her name revealed, said, “Never give up - no matter how hard it gets, no matter what obstacles you face… never give up. It’s just not worth it.” With every hardship comes miracles and rewards. If you stop reading your book before you finish, you will never get to see your happy ending. Take her advice and always keep pushing forward. According to, “Even when employed, high school dropouts earn about $8,000 a year less than high school graduates and approximately $26,500 a year less than college graduates.”

“Make friends because those are the people who will be by your side through the times you can no longer hold your head high,” says a graduating senior from the KHS Boys Varsity Baseball Team. It has been said time and time again that high school is one of the most strenuous times of our lives, and taking on that struggle alone is next to impossible. Talk to people, listen to their stories, and become a new chapter in their life because the connections you have with people is what is going to make your life yours.

Take a moment and think about all of the people graduating at your school this year. They have been through four years of this exhausting cycle of education and they have a million things to teach, warn, and advise you on. Take a moment and ask a senior for some advice, I can assure you that you will not regret it; and for those of you who are seniors - share your story with some younger classmen and give them the help they need to truly be successful in high school.

Idahos Gubernatorial Election

Idaho’s governor, Butch Otter has been governor of the state of Idaho since January 1st 2007. He was elected as Idaho's governor November of 2006, and took place as Idaho’s governor in January. In the upcoming election this year of 2018, Governor Butch Otter announced he will not be running again. So Idaho's next governor will be elected in November this year, and by the beginning of 2019 Idaho will have a new governor. Paulette Jordan, one of the people who spoke to Kuna High School for our assembly about awareness of gun violence, is one of the Democratic nominees for Idaho's next governor, along with A.J Balukoff who’s mission to improve healthcare in Idaho has made him a very popular candidate, Troy Minton, a man who made headlines nationally for being being homeless, and promoting his campaign while simultaneously in jail, and Peter Dill and Idaho lawyer and farmer. The Republican nominees for the Idaho State Gubernatorial election are Tommy Ahlquist, whose impressive record has made him, Harley Brown, Ben Cannady Dalton,  Raúl Labrador, HyDee Liebelt,  Brad Little, Lisa Marie, Steve Pankey, Sidney Taylor, and  Steven Tingey. So there are lots of different people running, but one of them will be Idaho’s next governor.

FFA Organization and Banquet

The FFA is a national organization that spreads from the coasts of Maine clear over to the tropical state of Hawaii. It’s establishment was based on the need and importance of agriculturists in today’s society and its main goal had been to successfully encourage students from a path they may not truly have passion and love for to one of where they will flourish and thrive in. However, the objectives of the organization have changed from wanted to recruit students into the agricultural business to changing the lives of each individual and assist them in finding the perfect path for them. Naturally, the group is agriculture based and mainly focuses on anything relating to the industry - i.e. livestock, technology, landscape, forestry, etc - but within the community people find friends, family, leadership skills, and many necessary characteristics that will ultimately benefit every single person in their futures.

Monday, April 30th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. is the Kuna FFA Chapters annual award banquet and officer reveal. The event is a time where members are recognized for their intense efforts, scholarships are given to the graduating seniors, sponsors, and parents who have sacrificed and given so much to make the organization possible are properly acknowledged, and the FFA officers for the upcoming year are announced along with the retirement of those currently serving. With special thanks to Enrique’s for providing an incredible dinner, the occasion brings community members together and allows for the opportunity for people to begin to understand what the FFA organization is truly about and if it’s the club for them.

National Jewish American Month

National Jewish American Month is an annual recognition of Jewish American achievements and contribution that Jewish Americans have made in the USA. The annual celebration was started in 2006 by President George W. Bush, and it has been an annual tradition from May 1st through May 31st since its inception. Florida has a statewide Florida Jewish month that celebrated greatly throughout the state every January. There are not any Jewish museums in Idaho. But There is a Museum  called “The Jewish Museum” directed towards Jews in New York City. So if you ever manage to be able to go to New York City, the museum there is said to be magnificent. But on the Boise greenbelt there is the Anne Frank Memorial, honoring a Jewish girl who was murdered during the holocaust, is the only Anne Frank memorial in all of America.