Current Events

Current Events

Aging Out Awareness

Aging Out is when children is foster care turn 18 and have to leave their foster home to get a job and house or in some cases, go to college without the necessary support. This happens a lot because most foster parents don’t want to or can’t adopt a teenager, they want a toddler or even young kid so that they can make memories and not have the kid make memories before them. According to Children's Rights, the average age of a kid when they are adopted is eight, but once they turn thirteen, they don’t have a big chance of getting adopted. The kids that don’t get adopted while they are in foster care have to leave once they turn 18 and don’t have guardians, and some don’t have any family at all to rely on in times of need. In 2016, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter proclaimed March ‘Aging Out Awareness Month’ and a group here in Idaho called JEMfriends hosted an event on March 1st at the Idaho Capitol steps, kicking off the third month of Aging Out Awareness in Idaho. JEMfriends are working on solutions to the 18 - 20 years olds who have aged out and are already homeless by helping them gain general skills and knowledge on housing, transportation, and help with the transition from foster home to moving out.

Disney Donates $1 Million to Boys & Girls Clubs

Disney may be known for their classic fairy tale movies or for buying and owning Star Wars and Marvel, but now they may be known for donating money to the Boys & Girls clubs.

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What to do when you have no Spring break plans

Spring break is coming upon us this month. Most of us may have plans while others may have no clue what to do.  Well if you have no clue I’ve got a few for you! During spring break this year down in Moab, the Easter Jeep Safari is going on. It is a huge event that happens every year; you do have to sign up in advance because this is a very big event.  Eastern Jeep Safari is an event that takes place in Moab, Utah and it’s where all of the jeepers go down for a week and just go 4 wheeling. During spring break you can always grab a couple of friends and head down to Indian creek and float for the day. You can also always do the classic and have a sleepover with your friends and throw a party! Sometimes your parents may have already made plans for you, but if you don’t want to go you can always just suck it up and go with because you never know, you might have a little fun.


Nutty News

When you watch the news and see what is going on around the world you see things like war, politics, weather, and sports. There’s a lot more on the news that goes unnoticed and sometimes it can be pretty interesting!

There are funny stories like in Alameda County in California, a mouse was seen doing a “Ride-along” on a sheriff's deputy windshield. The mouse was sitting right in the windshield and stayed there for a couple miles before the cops noticed him. The mouse was safe and had the time of his life!

There are also interesting stories that can be quite sad. At an airport in Maryland a women was flying home with Spirit Airlines. She had called a few days in advance to make sure it was okay to bring her emotional support hamster on the ride with her to Florida twice and they approved this both times. When she was boarding her plane they stopped her and told her she could not bring her hamster onto the plane with her. Ms Aldecocea claims the airline representatives suggested she “flush it down the toilet at the terminal”. She flushed the hamster "She was scared, I was scared, it was horrifying trying to put her in the toilet," she told the Miami Herald. "I was emotional, I was crying. I sat there for a good 10 minutes crying in the stall. I didn't have any other options. She was so loving. It was like she knew I needed somebody”. However, Spirit Airlines denies saying that she should flush it.

In Kenya, there was a mixup and four surgeons mixed up two patients tags and took the wrong one into surgery. The surgery was to remove a tumor in the patient’s brain. The surgeon's did not realize they were operating on the wrong patient until two hours of searching for a tumor that wasn’t there. The patient survived and is in good condition but as for the surgeons "The management has suspended the admission rights of a neurosurgery registrar” said Dr Kronos.

A lot of things happen in the world that we don’t hear about. We only hear about the devastating things such as war and crime. We also hear about politics and weather. The news can be interesting and sometimes hearing odd stories such as the “Mouse Ride-a-long” can be a good thing. We are all so caught up in the negative parts of life that we don’t realize there are brighter sides.

Daylight Savings

We all know how precious our sleep is, and how much we would hate to lose a whole hour of sleep. Well, daylight saving time just passed and marked the 100th anniversary of daylight saving time starting. This last Sunday, March 11th, is the day we sprung forward, at 2 A.M. We set our clocks ahead (on phones they set automatically) one hour, and then in the fall, we set them back one hour at 2 A.M. We do this on the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday in November every year. Approximately 70 countries do not shift their clocks in March and November, though, and neither does Arizona or Hawaii. Daylight saving time is supposedly tied to energy policy (the manner in which a given entity has decided to address issues of energy development including energy production, distribution and consumption). It also helps people around the world save money by giving us more daylight to complete tasks, so we don’t need to use lights. Daylight saving time was first proposed by George Hudson in 1895, but was mainly only used during World War I and World War II. Daylight saving time was officially adopted by the United States of America in 1918. Happy 100th anniversary of saving daylight!