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Current Events

Why Modern Feminism is Perceived as Toxic

Jordan Klaas

Cody McMullen

Feminism is a social movement that has existed for much of human history. For all this time, women in society have been fighting to be percieved as equal and obtain the same rights that men have, even when the consequences of doing such looked poor. Especially in America, where Susan B. Anthony and other 19th century suffragists are now revered as social guardians who established new rights for American women. But why now, when the objectively good movement that is feminism, now seen as nothing more than an eyesore by some people?

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SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy

On Tuesday, February 6, a large technical and scientific advancement was made. The advancement was the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy.

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Where Is Our Snowmageddon?

Last winter gave us more than a week of snow days and endless snowmen and sledding hills. Near record-breaking temperatures appeared throughout the country. Over that winter Boise got 39 inches of snow, making it the 10th ‘snowiest’ winter in Boise’s history. People referred to it as the ‘Snowmageddon’ or ‘Snowpocalypse’ and still do. Our state was supposed to get the same amount of snow or more this year, but it doesn’t look like that is happening. In the past month alone, however, Kuna has had highs of 60 degrees and highs of 20 degrees. In addition, it’s still technically winter for another month; first day of spring is March 21st. It got fairly warm for about three or four weeks, then dropped to 20 degrees as suddenly as it rose. Even with this chilly weather, we aren’t getting a whole lot of precipitation, and we definitely haven’t gotten as much as we had last winter. However, this gives us a risk of drought this year. The temperature will stay in the high 40’s for the next week or so, but that isn’t necessarily snow weather. By this rate, we most likely won’t see snow again until next winter.

Indian Symbol Crashes iPhones

If you have been on social media recently or know the Indian language, then you may have heard about a certain symbol, what you may not know is what it does to Apple products.

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What to do when you are lonely for Valentines day

During Valentine’s Day most of us don’t have a significant other to spend it with, but not to worry because there are a lot of other things we can do to celebrate by ourselves.  First of all, get yourself some chocolate because it’s always nice to have some comfort food around; and to make it look like you aren't single to the cashier, get a Valentine’s Day card, too. Once you arrive home sit on the couch or in your bed and turn on Netflix or Hulu. If you feel like you haven’t seen it all here are a few shows that are pretty popular on Netflix and Hulu. On Netflix there is Stranger Things, Riverdale, Black Mirror, End of the F***ing World, and Grey’s Anatomy. On Hulu there is Scrubs, The Good Place, Atlanta, Runaways, and Star.  Once you have one of your favorite shows up and running, curl up in a comfy blanket and start eating your chocolate because you have earned it! If you are single on Valentines Day, don’t worry, there is always next year.