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Current Events

Keeping Your Best Friends Cool This Summer Season!

Summer is a time meant for a break from school, a break from the treacherous winters, and a time for dehydration, heat stroke, and the scorching summer sun. It’s not hard to find solutions to these seasonal problems. Dehydration? Drink some water! Heat stroke? Again, drink the water and keep yourself cool. Scorching summer sun? SPF 100 is truly a blessing to this world. But what about our best friends? Our pets and animals who we love and care deeply about often go hours in the 90-100 degree weather without their owners realizing the need for their best friends to come inside, have a drink of water, and just rest in the air conditioned home. According to, the official website for the humane society, thousands of pets die each year from being left outside in the summer sun as well as hundreds of dogs being left in vehicles to roast while temperatures raise from 85 degrees, to a whopping 102 degrees in a matter of minutes. The tragedies are horrible, and the people that these animals trust and care for most are ultimately the ones responsible for the events. Because the issue is so great, here are some tips for keeping your animals safe this summer:

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How Does the End of School Work Around the World?

The end of the school year is a highly anticipated event in America. Youth across the nation stress and stress trying to get all of their work in, with their skin breaking out, whatever it takes for those good grades.

The reason kids manage to make it through all of this is just knowing summer will be here soon. Summer is a stress free 3 month long vacation.While in America, students usually start school sometime in late August or early September and get released sometime around late May or early June.

But when it comes to countries around the world, how does the end of school work for them?

In France,the school year starts in early September, dates are set by the region (and in the case of private schools, by the school itself) and finishes for the long summer holidays in July.

In Italy, School runs from mid September to mid June.

In South Africa, School is broken into 4 terms. Term 1: Jan 17- Mar 28., Term 2: 10 Apr- 22 June., Term 3: 17 Jul- 28 Sep., Term 4: 9 Oct- 12 Dec.

The USA is one of the only countries in America that has an entire 3 months of vacation, so we should be thankful.

13 Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why, a Netflix show based off of Jay Asher's book, of the same title, was the most popular TV show in all of 2017. 13 Reasons Why is about 17 year old Hannah Baker, who attends Liberty High in a small town in California, before she kills herself. Hannah endures several occurrences that ultimately, cause her to take her life. She records thirteen different cassette tapes, each tape for a specific person, listing why that person made her kill herself. 13 Reasons Why blew up in 2017, making it one of Netflixs highest grossing series.

Everyone watched as soon as they heard everyone else talking about it. It came out March 31, 2017 Youth across the globe have binged the whole series within days, and those same youth have been ecstatic for Season 2 to come out, and that time is here.

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why came out on May 18th, 2018. It's already receiving tons of rave reviews and people across the globe are already completed with season two, but by the time everyone watched season 1, a few people came out and spoke about why 13 Reasons Why is problematic and immensely triggering. The producers and cast members constantly talk about that the show is designed to prevent suicide rates, but the doesn't really do anything of the sort.

These are some of the reasons why 13 Reasons Why is awful and triggering. Please I encourage you not to support this tv show.

1: The show glorifies suicide.

It makes it seem as if suicide is what people will remember you for. It makes it seem as if suicide is the potion and shows no alternative such as counseling, medicine, etc.

2: The show says that revenge is okay.

The entire show is based on Hannah Baker killing herself and the before she does, she records 13 different cassette tapes as to why that person made her kill herself.

3: They showed Hannah’s suicide on screen.

Let alone is that scene a guide on how to kill yourself, but it shows her genuinely doing it. It shows her parents come in to find their daughter dead, it shows everything.

4: The show glorifies rape.

Hannah and another character get raped within the show, and the boy who raped them both receives literally no consequences. If anyone asks him it's true, he just says no and they believe him. It shows viewers that they can get away with rape and no repercussions will occur.

5: They show the rape on screen.

Just like Hannah's suicide, they show her get raped on screen, and another girl get drugged and raped on screen.


Idaho is currently the fastest growing state in America

Idaho has recently been named America's fastest growing state with a population of 1.717 million, and Boise has recently been named the fastest growing city in America with a population of 223, 154.

So that means that if you're currently living in Boise then you're living in the fastest growing place in America right now.  

According to, ¨Over the past year, Idaho became the fastest-growing state in the U.S., according to national and state population estimates that were released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.  Derek Santos, economist for Idaho's Division of Financial Management, attributes this population growth to economic growth in the gem state. "Nearly two-thirds of the 2017 population growth was due to domestic net migration. This showing reflects the draw of Idaho's strong economy and low cost of living," Santos told ABC News. The northwest state, with an estimated population of over 1.7 million people, had a 2.2 percent jump in population from July 1, 2016, to July 1, 2017”.

These statistics indicate that Idaho is growing rapidly and becoming more less known for our potatoes and more of a state known for its big cities and nature.

With Boise growing larger, it will become more expensive, eventually to point of people not being able to live in it. So, as a result, more people will move to Kuna, causing Kuna to become a big city as well.

Planet with Helium Atmosphere Found

For the past several years many planets have been seen and scouted out with satellites, and in some cases even explored, but a recent discovery will bring a lot more knowledge to us.

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