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Halloween is coming up! Administration asks that students DO NOT wear any costumes to school.
Fall Sports are coming to an end! Be sure to sign up for your winter activities! 


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actuallyfixedThe Echo is a Kuna High School news publication, focused on getting current news that happens in and around Kuna High School. We will be publishing most of our content online, but if you would rather read a newspaper we print our best work around once a semester. We are very excited to be reporting the news this year and we thank you for checking out our newspaper! 

Whats Coming and Leaving Netflix this October

Netflix is always coming out with new movies, TV shows, and Netflix Originals. It can be hard to keep track of what shows are coming out and it’s practically impossible to know when shows are leaving Netflix! In October there are so many new and leaving spooks and scares to sit down and binge watch during this Fall season.

On October 1st, Cult of Chucky will be on Netflix. This spine chilling thriller is about “Chucky returns to terrorize his human victim, Nica, who is confined to an asylum for the criminally insane. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife.” This film will scare your pants off and it’s a must see with a rating of 86% Rotten Tomatoes.

Make sure to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 before it leaves Netflix on October 27th. This film is a family/children movie about how Drac is back and running the hotel for monsters AND humans now. Dennis, his human/ vampire hybrid grandson is not showing the vampire side he should be and it is causing problems. Watch this film to find out what happens!

Mark your calendars! The Babysitter is coming to Netflix on October 13th! This Netflix Original film is all about an introvert middle school kid who gets bullied. His only friend is his neighbor who he secretly has a crush on and his babysitter! His crush tells him to stay up after his bed time to see what his babysitter does while he sleeps. He waits until he hears screams, sees blood, and a ton of friends are over! And THEN things start to get weird. This is a must see for all teenagers!

More spooky movies coming and leaving in October

Oct. 1

  1. 88 Minutes
  2. Death Sentence
  3. Ghost Patrol
  4. The Reaping
Oct. 13
  1. “Mindhunter” season 1 (Netflix Original)
  2. “Super Monsters” season 1 (Netflix Original)
Oct. 27
  1. “Stranger Things 2” (Netflix Original)

Leaving in October

Oct. 1
  1. “Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest”
  2. “Hellboy”
  3. “The Shining”
Leaving Oct. 21

“Bones” seasons 5 - 11

  1. “Bones” seasons 5 - 11

Next Sporting Event

March 10th is the first track meet in Kuna don't miss it!


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Overcrowding at Kuna High School has been a problem for many years. The school has over 1,400 students, and it was only built for 1,200. With the immense student body consistently getting bigger each year, many problems have been arising, including limited parking. While for years, the parking lot has been a problem, this year, a solution was formed: parking passes.

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Lunch Menu

  • downloadKuna, Idaho is a small town situated in southern Idaho, 19 miles from  Boise,  Kuna is one of the fastest growing places in Idaho and has tripled in population since 2000. Kuna is still considered a small town and has memorable events every year such as Kuna days, and most of the town coming out for a Friday night football game is not a rare sight. Kuna is home to Kuna Kavemen and it is where the Echo is based. Thank you for checking out information on our town and check the Echo for weekly updates!

  • prom

    This year, Prom will be held at the Knitting Factory in Downtown on April 29. The theme this year is “Dancing Downtown” and tickets are now being sold in room 213 from April 17 through April 28. A Single ticket is $30 and a Couple ticket is $50. If you aren’t able to purchase a ticket by April 28, tickets will be sold at the door at Prom, but there will be an additional fee. Also make sure to bring your student ID and your ticket to enter prom. Now go have fun dancing downtown!

  • Main Street

    Now that Spring is upon us, Kuna has decided to re-open the Kuna Farmers Market in city park on Main Street. Going to the farmers market is a great weekend activity with your family and friends. Vendors sell fresh produce, meat, eggs, flowers, and plants. They also sell a variety of delicious sweets, home baked breads, and crafters even sell unique handcrafted items. It’s opened every Saturday from 9am-Noon.