Into the Ivy League

Colleges offer a diverse selection of possible careers that makes it possible for students to anything they want to do with their life while continuing their education after high school. Some students obviously intend to pursue careers that don’t require any college which is totally fine. But some students . Although some students want to go to colleges like NYU, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, etc. Have you ever dreamt of attending a college like these but immediately killed that idea because these types of colleges are so immensely expensive? Well Phil Harris, a Yale University alumnus, says “Elite colleges like Yale and a number of other schools have a much better financial aid program than they are given credit for.” Which pretty much means that elite colleges live the Ivy leagues and Stanford are usually seen as being really expensive because they are so prestigious but they actually are very understanding when it comes to students and their financial situations. Do you also dream of attending these colleges but the thought of moving across the country makes you sick to your stomach? Well according to Harris once again “These schools do a fabulous job of making students feel included and at home, it obviously depends on the student but overall there is pretty much something for everybody to do. Obviously in order to be able to feel homesick you need to get in, but where do you even start? According to Harris “There’s no golden ticket into these schools, but they really just want well-rounded students who excel at one thing so they can bring something to the school.” For example: say you’re a 4.0 student that has 4 DC credit classes under their belt, you’re in NHS, FFA, HOSA, newspaper, CAST and you’re running for class president in your grade, this all looks very good on your college application but you are really really good at playing tennis. This is one thing that you’re very good at offering something to your school. No matter what it is immensely hard to get in and requires a huge amount of dedication and perseverance but if you really work hard and make yourself a real asset to these schools they’ll have a hard time denying you.