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 You made it!  Happy last day of school!
Remember to clear your lockers and return the PE locks to your teacher.
Back to school starts August 23.


FFA Organization and Banquet

The FFA is a national organization that spreads from the coasts of Maine clear over to the tropical state of Hawaii. It’s establishment was based on the need and importance of agriculturists in today’s society and its main goal had been to successfully encourage students from a path they may not truly have passion and love for to one of where they will flourish and thrive in. However, the objectives of the organization have changed from wanted to recruit students into the agricultural business to changing the lives of each individual and assist them in finding the perfect path for them. Naturally, the group is agriculture based and mainly focuses on anything relating to the industry - i.e. livestock, technology, landscape, forestry, etc - but within the community people find friends, family, leadership skills, and many necessary characteristics that will ultimately benefit every single person in their futures.

Monday, April 30th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. is the Kuna FFA Chapters annual award banquet and officer reveal. The event is a time where members are recognized for their intense efforts, scholarships are given to the graduating seniors, sponsors, and parents who have sacrificed and given so much to make the organization possible are properly acknowledged, and the FFA officers for the upcoming year are announced along with the retirement of those currently serving. With special thanks to Enrique’s for providing an incredible dinner, the occasion brings community members together and allows for the opportunity for people to begin to understand what the FFA organization is truly about and if it’s the club for them.

What cell phones do to society

If someone from the 1980s came to America or France or England or any other major world countries, they'd probably be shocked as to how the world is so different and how evolved the world is compared to back then in the 1980s. Smartphones have only recently become a thing, but when you really look at it, cell phone shape the entire world that we as humans live in! If you would like to go somewhere, text an uber and they'll take you wherever you want. Want to go McDonald's? Don’t bother getting out of your car, as long as you have the app, just text and well bring you your food. Is it completely necessary for humans to be so obsessive over there phone? Student’s can hardly go into their classrooms where phones aren't allowed without sneaking their phones. If someone's phone breaks or is taken away their life to some extent is temporarily over. People are so immensely dependent on their phone that it will one day potentially be the death of us.


Not everything should be focused on sports, although we are very talented in them, we should acknowledge the rest of the extra-curricular activities because clubs are what make up Kuna High. One of those clubs include FMLA/FHLA. Their purpose is to create a tomorrow for today’s Hispanic students to help them go beyond their high school life. In Kuna, we promote many things like sports because we  all know that we are about being Kavemen Strong. But one of the things we don’t really acknowledge is the diversity we have here. Diversity brings out the uniqueness we can bring to our town because different can be cool. Clubs like FMLA/FHLA go unnoticed, and we don’t see the amazing things that are made possible by them. Bringing people from different backgrounds creates more ideas, more opportunities, and more ways to be successful. Diversity doesn’t just help America stand out, but it can help a small town like Kuna stand out as well.

Read more: FMLA/FHLA

April is Sexual Assault Month

SAAM also known as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, is an annual campaign created to help raise awareness about sexual assault and educate people about preventing sexual violence. Protests began in Europe and slowly came into the united states in the late 1970s. It is designed to education people on sexual assault and rape. In 2009 President Barack Obama declared every April National sexual assault awareness month in all of America. In order to show awareness of sexual assault and to protest it from happening overall, People in the USA, France, Germany, England and Spain celebrate April as national Sexual Assault Awareness month or SAAM, people within these countries wear the color of Teal throughout the month. So if you want to show awareness to prevent sexual assault and rape, I challenge you to wear teal throughout the month of April!

Dark Truth about Thanksgiving

It’s November so do you know what that means? It’s Thanksgiving! Time to celebrate giving thanks and remembering the Pilgrims and Native Americans  sitting around a huge table to celebrate together while they eat amazing food and share stories about their lands! Right?...Wrong. We have been taught since we were little kids about the pilgrims and Indians getting along and having a huge feast but the actual story of Thanksgiving is a bit messier.


The story of the First Thanksgiving is so complex and has much more to the story than I could even fathom. It all starts with English Explorers sailing back to England with Patuxet Indian slaves. All of the slaves died of the smallpox disease except for one named Squanto. Squanto taught the pilgrims many things like fishing, cooking, and how to farm corn. In addition to this, they made a peace treaty between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. They had a great feast with the Indians and Pilgrims honoring Squanto.


As word got around about the New World, Puritans sailed and thought it was a public domain. Puritans conquered land and took many Natives as slaves.The Pequot Tribe did not agree to the peace treaty Squanto had and this made a war break out. In fact, it was the bloodiest Indian Wars to ever happen. The fighting doesn’t stop there. In 1637, the English and Dutch ordered the sleeping Pequot Indian men to come outside. But little did they know the English and Dutch were waiting with guns and clubs. The women and children were burned alive in the Longhouse. “The next day the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared "A Day Of Thanksgiving" because 700 unarmed men, women and children had been murdered.”


The killing continues with angry colonists and Indian allies attacking village after village. Women and children on Native American tribes over 14 years old were sold into slavery and the rest were killed. After this and many more attacks, they announced a second day of Thanksgiving. “During the feasting, the hacked off heads of Natives were kicked through the streets like soccer balls” claims Susan Bates. The violence continued and after each massacre there would be a new Thanksgiving celebrated. Finally, George Washington suggested to have only one day of Thanksgiving to celebrate all of the Massacres. Abraham Lincoln agreed and Thanksgiving became a National Holiday.


Now that you know the real history behind Thanksgiving, remember it this coming Thanksgiving when you sit down to feast with your family and friends.Take time to remember all of those who lost their lives. Don’t forget to count your blessings and be truly thankful for all you have.

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