A new tool in heart surgery

For centuries doctors have been correcting errors made within the body by performing surgeries, Plastic surgery, brain surgery, trauma surgery, orthopedic surgery, and heart surgery. Brain surgery is by far the most invasive surgery out there but heart surgery comes at a close second. Only recently have doctors discovered how to do the medical procedure of a heart transplant. It was trial and error for years until Lewis Washkansky discovered how to do it correctly.  But when the heart transplant procedure was first developed, the deceased donor patient would have their heart extracted from their body, placed in a cooler and then transported to the hospital where the receiver of the heart was staying within six hours of the donor’s death to prevent damage from ice or transport to the organ. Waleed Hassanein was medical student training to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, he saw an error in the cooler full of ice with a heart in in and he decided to make a change to it. He developed a machine that keeps the heart warm and beating. It is not FDA approved yet but it is being tested currently and may potentially become a real asset to cardiothoracic surgery as a whole.