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Spring Fling is on May 10th after the Academic Award Assembly1 The student body will also be participating in a lip dub to Demi Lovato's song, "Really Don't Care"
Seniors! Be sure to pay for the grad night trip to Wahooz at the table outside the commons during lunch!


Lavender Festival

sumpter lavender

Lavender is used for all sorts of things, from cleaning cuts to helping you relax. Now, you can experience lavender in a whole new way. This summer, on July 8th and 9th, The Lavender Merchant will be hosting a festival. You can visit the herb fields when they are in full bloom, which is the perfect time to pick a bouquet of the sweet smelling plant.  Not only can you pick lavender, but you can also purchase lavender scented soaps, sugar scrubs, lavender linen spray, and more! Other vendors will also be selling their merchandise. Lunch will be catered by Sophie’s Choice Design, and there will even be lavender desserts, lemonade, and other specialties.

There are other activities you can do, such as making a lavender bottle, a mini lavender greenhouse, or paper sachet. Also available this spring are 4 inch lavender plants. You can visit the website, http://thelavendermerchant.net/ for more information.

I was able to ask the Lavender Merchant, Marie Willis, some questions about the festival and how she prepares for it.


Q: What made you want to start this festival?

A: “I decided to start a lavender farm when I found an article about a lavender festival in a magazine. I have always grown lavender in my yard, but decided that I would try to grow it on a larger scale. I started out with about fifty plants to see how they would do and then in the next couple of years planted another 1200 plants.”


Q: How long does it take to prepare for the festival?

A: “I start planning my festival in March. I line up the artisans that will come to my festival. I make product all winter that I plan on selling at my festival.”


Q: How many months does it take for the lavender to be ready?

A:”It takes about three years before lavender is mature enough to have a festival. They are perennials, so they come back every year and continue to grow larger. As soon as it starts to get warmer, my lavender starts to grow and turn green. Usually in April. They will set their buds about the middle of May.  Lavender is ready to pick in late June and early July.”


Q: What is the best thing about the festival?

A: “The best thing about my festival is meeting the variety of people that come to enjoy picking a bouquet of lavender, seeing the products the other artisans have made and eating some of the wonderful desserts that are offered.”  


Q: How long does it take to make the lavender soap?
A: “I can make lavender soap in a couple of hours. I let it cure about a month before it is ready to sell. I usually have a few varieties, so I make soap often.“


Q: For someone checking out the festival for the first time, what do you suggest they try/do first?

A: “My festival offers u-pick lavender, a make and take, lavender products, lavender desserts, lavender lemonade and other lunch items for purchase. My artisans include pottery, glass-blowing, quilts, handmade wood items, handmade home decor, aprons, handmade hats, wallets, and handmade jewelry. We also have a massage therapist offering massages during my festival.”


This festival is the perfect place to spend a hot summer day. Lavender has a sweet-smelling fragrance that will fill your senses and leave you feeling relaxed.


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