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Spring Fling is on May 10th after the Academic Award Assembly1 The student body will also be participating in a lip dub to Demi Lovato's song, "Really Don't Care"
Seniors! Be sure to pay for the grad night trip to Wahooz at the table outside the commons during lunch!


Summer Activities

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Summer is quickly approaching and plans are being made. If you need some inspiration on what to do, look no further than your hometown. A lot of people might feel as though Kuna does not have many activities for all ages, but all they need to do is look a little deeper. There are plenty of things that are fun for everyone.

One great place to visit this summer is the farmer’s market. They are held every Saturday at the Bernie Fisher Basketball Area  on Main Street from 9am to 12pm. The farmer’s market is a place where you can purchase fresh produce, and handcrafted products. You can browse around and shop while enjoying the fresh air. Produce from the Kuna farmer’s market is not only better quality, but buying also helps Kuna. Buying locally grown produce supports the farmers, and you have more peace of mind about where your food comes from. You can also shop for  handmade crafts that the vendors have made as well.

There does not have to be a special occasion to get moving and enjoy the outdoors. The Kuna Greenbelt is a lovely path along Indian Creek, complete with picnic benches and a sand volleyball court. You can also float Indian Creek, but make sure to be cautious whenever you are on the water. Currents can catch you off guard, and remember to never get out of your tube. It is best to go with a guide or someone that has been once or twice before, so they can help guide you down the river and know what to look out for. Kuna offers many activities that all families will enjoy. Summer is the perfect time to try new things and get outside.

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