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Welcome back from Spring Break!
Freshmen: College trips are scheduled for Tuesday, April 10. Learn more about life after high school and options for your Pathway.
Sophomores: ISAT testing is Tuesday, April 10. Bring headphones and either a bag lunch or money because lunch is on campus only. Do your best! No phones!
Juniors:  The SAT is coming up on Tuesday, April 10 starting at 7:50 am. Make sure you look over the SAT test prep guide before. See your LA teacher for your copy. Bring at least 2 sharpened #2 pencils to test day. No phones!
Senior Stud competition is coming up on April 15 in the KPAC.


Capricorn- Zodiac


First off there element is earth, this makes them a realistic person and grounded. There ruling planet is Saturn which makes them reliable and responsible. Capricorn's symbol is a sea-goat.

Here is some traits of the sign. They are realistic and they think logically about situations. At some points they can be persistent and keep going until the deed is done. They can be loyal and they usually have people's trust easily. This leads them into being reliable because people know they will get stuff done. They focus on the task at hand this makes them a focused person. They can wait for it seems like hours they are one of the most patient and calm signs. If there was a crisis happening they would be calm and reserved, they would also be the tactful one.

They have some not so good traits too. Like coming across cold to other people. They might not know how to speak their feelings because they usually speak through logic. They don’t like adventure as much as other signs would so they seem dull. This can make them go well with the intelligent bookworm friends. During competition capricorns can be become ruthless to get on top and sometimes they will betray people to get on top. But not always! This can lead them to be distrustful, but don't worry ever capricorn is different.


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