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Overwatch sees addition of 26th hero Moira


A world renowned geneticist, abandoned by the organization that supported her that now serves the highest bidder...

This is an apt description for the hit video game, Overwatch’s 26th hero. Operating under her last name Moira, she will be coming out later this November on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Moira will be the sixth support character in the game helping heal and protect her teammates. The most interesting part of her ability kit is how she absorbs the health of enemies in order to give it to her teammates. This allows her to both do a lot of damage, help her team acquire more kills, and restore lost health. This aspect of her abilities sets her apart from some of the game’s other healers, such as Mercy, Lúcio, and Ana who are usually very weak heroes in terms of damage. Moira is also able to send small orbs of yellow healing energy or violet damaging energy, like Zenyatta, that bounce off walls into the area. This will help her heal teammates out of her healing beam range. Her single movement ability is Fade, similar to Reaper’s Shade-step ability. It allows her to materialize into a cloud of mist before reappearing. Finally, her Ultimate ability is Coalescence, where she fires a long range beam of energy that heals her teammates and damages teammates. A large part of her ability kit is focused on duality, both helping and damaging.

Many fans are also excited to see Moira’s backstory and the additions she will make to the game’s lore and plot. Moira was a very skilled geneticist that was recruited by Overwatch for their research purposes. Her experiments were considered unethical and immoral by other scientists, leading to her forced leave of Overwatch. The covert operations unit of Overwatch, Blackwatch, was more than happy to accept her into their team. Now with the collapse of the organization, she works as a mercenary for the terrorist group, Talon.

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