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Welcome back from Spring Break!
Freshmen: College trips are scheduled for Tuesday, April 10. Learn more about life after high school and options for your Pathway.
Sophomores: ISAT testing is Tuesday, April 10. Bring headphones and either a bag lunch or money because lunch is on campus only. Do your best! No phones!
Juniors:  The SAT is coming up on Tuesday, April 10 starting at 7:50 am. Make sure you look over the SAT test prep guide before. See your LA teacher for your copy. Bring at least 2 sharpened #2 pencils to test day. No phones!
Senior Stud competition is coming up on April 15 in the KPAC.


Fall TV Ratings

If you ever get bored around your house, you might go sit on your couch and turn on the TV. If you were curious, here are some of the most popular TV shows and ratings to help you determine what shows you might want to watch.


IMDb- Consensus from both staff and fans, normally harder on movies & shows

Rotten Tomatoes- Consensus from critics and fans, only generates numbers based on their ratings

Game of Thrones- 9.5

The Good Place: season 2- 100%

Rick and Morty- 9.4

Great News: season 2- 100%

Stranger Things- 8.9

Supernatural: season 13- 100%

Mindhunter- 8.8

You’re the Worst: Season 4- 100%

This Is Us- 8.8

How to Get Away With Murder: season 4- 100%

Supernatural- 8.6

The Flash: Season 4: 100%

The Good Doctor- 8.5

American Vandal: season 1- 97%

The Walking Dead- 8.5

Mr. Robot: season 3- 96%

Outlander- 8.5

Mindhunter: Season 1- 95%

Lucifer- 8.3

Better Things: season 2- 95%

American Horror Story- 8.2

Stranger Things: Season 2- 94%

The Flash- 8.1

Marvel’s Runaways: season 1- 92%

The Gifted- 8.1

Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1- 83%

Gotham- 7.9

American Horror Story: Cult- 74%

Arrow- 7.8

The Gifted: Season 1: 71%

Riverdale- 7.8

The Walking Dead: season 8- 70%

The Orville- 7.8

The Good Doctor: season 1- 50%

Grey’s Anatomy- 7.7

The Orville: season 1- 18%

Gunpowder- 7.5

Star Trek: Discovery- 7.3

Personally, I would put Stranger Things, The Flash, and The Gifted at the top of the list because those are my favorites. Stranger Things has an interesting story combined with nostalgia and references to the 80s, and has a lot of great characters. The Gifted is one of the few Marvel things that Fox has done right. It almost makes me happy that they have the rights to mutants. Lastly, The Flash would make the top of my list because he was one of my favorite comic book characters growing up, and it is really cool to see how they adapt that into the TV show.

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