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What is Friendship?


People may say that friendship is the bond between two people. It might mean having one person to count on and stay by their side. Some examples of friendship might be

  • Going to the movies
  • Hanging out
  • Getting lunch together
  • Laughing together
  • Sharing memories
  • Doing fun activities like playing sports or if your a more of a book worm going to an art museum.

When  we do these things with friends it strengthens the bond between people and helps their friendship grow. Friendship might be the string that ties two people together or even many. It keeps them bound and if the friendship is right the string can guide you and your friend. Is friendship a thing or a feeling or what? If its a thing it can't be held. Some people might consider it a thing like money can buy friendship or even a ice cream can be friendship. It can't be felt. Happiness can be felt but that isn't exactly friendship being felt. So what is it? Is it a defined term for two people that are dear to each other and can spend the whole day with them? Friendship is defined as a relationship. Relationship is formed by people who are bonding together and enjoy eachothers company. Is friendship the same thing or can it be different? They both have separate meanings, but I find that friendship is harder to define.

In the end there is no exact answer maybe will truly never know what is actually means. How we speak to each other. How we feel about one another. Any of those terms can go with friendship. Friendship is there and it always will be, we don't need to know what it truly means. So it's better to strengthen your bond with your friends knowing this means that you can somehow relate what friendship might be and you can use it to build better friendships.


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