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 You made it!  Happy last day of school!
Remember to clear your lockers and return the PE locks to your teacher.
Back to school starts August 23.


Imagery poem

We may not want to feel a certain way,

but when we have no other choice, we adapt.

When the sky and the ground work together they create beautiful art,

wishing all living things come together as one. One way of thinking,

one way of feeling, and one way of life.

The sky cries with flashes of terror.

The ground soaks in the waters of fear.

The trees fight with the wind for the moments it takes for only one to stand.

The sky clears and the rain runs away, bringing the terrors of life with it.

The sun peeks over the hills,

revealing its happiness and showing its true colors to all who open their eyes to life’s beauties and mysteries.

We hope for life and the dreams we dream to come true.

The warm sun fills our hearts with joy and ambition as we long for a moment to see the end of the rainbow,

we break through the obstacles of clouds and ride the road to hope.

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