What is it like being an LGBT+ student at KHS?

We all know that C’s mean degrees, but is a C an acceptable grade for diversity? According to Niche.com, KHS sits at a C+ for the racial and economic diversity of students here, which means that we don’t necessarily have the most diverse group of students. But what about other marginalized groups like LGBT+ students? According to thehill.com which tracks the conservative and liberal tendencies of states, Idaho is the third most conservative state in the USA, right after Alabama and Alaska.

 Some conservative viewpoints can be less accepting of the LGBT+ community because some conservatives who follow this viewpoint have their own reasons and morals for disagreeing with LGBT+ people. Regardless of what you feel and what you believe you need to keep your opinions to yourself and make sure LGBT+ people feel safe.  LGBT+ students are 60% more likely to consider, attempt, or commit suicide than straight students according to metro-parent.com. Kuna High School does a have GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) club which we are very privileged to have; LGBT+ students within the GSA can support and lean on each other for emotional support and befriend each other as well, without fear of being rejected or disagreed with. From what I’ve witnessed, the majority of anti LGBT+ bullying isn't from a religious view. The majority of it is ignorant students attempting to get a rise out of  LGBT+ students by using derogatory slurs. If you follow a certain religion or certain moral views that prompts you to disagree with other people, please remember that your actions and words towards others should stop short of making others feel unwelcome or bullied. We're all here trying to pass our classes and see our friends, and bullying someone will get in the way of that and can have real risks for your fellow classmates. Please be considerate and kind and just let every student enjoy high school.