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 You made it!  Happy last day of school!
Remember to clear your lockers and return the PE locks to your teacher.
Back to school starts August 23.


Ways to Get Active in Boise During Spring

It’s finally Spring in Idaho! There are many activities right in Downtown Boise you and your family can do to get out of the house after this long, cold Winter.

In Boise you can visit the Idaho Botanical Gardens. There are over 800 different species of flowers to take pictures of, smell, and admire. At the Botanical Gardens you not only get to walk around and admire the beautiful flowers but you also get to enjoy music and shows if you buy tickets. Famous musicians and bands are always found playing in the Gardens and it is always a blast. Sheryl Crow, Jackson Brown, and Amos Lee are all going to be performing soon.

While you visit the Botanical Gardens you can even go take a hike up Table Rock. There are  many different trails to take with different skill levels. The average person takes about 45 minutes to an hour to hike up. Once your up you have a view over just about all of the City of Boise. As you look you will realize why Boise is labeled “The City of Trees” There are so many beautiful trees you will notice that you’ve never realized before.

When you come down from your hike you will also notice that the Old Idaho State Penitentiary is right there at the bottom. Here you can go in and get a tour of the penitentiary. You will see really interesting things, hear super interesting stories, and you’ll get a sense of what the past was like. This Idaho State Penitentiary is a great learning experience and a great place to cool down after a hike.

Right in Downtown Boise is right where you can find many things to do. You can hike, shop, go through gardens, and even see concerts. Having fun is what Spring and Summer is all about and if you go visit these places you will get a little taste of the adventure!

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