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Russian Sleep Experiment


Before the 5 day mark it was normal, there was no sudden changes in the subjects’ behaviour. After day 5 it took a dark turn. They stopped talking to each other and proceeded to whisper into the microphone. After 9 days one of them started screaming nonstop. He ran back and forth for continuous hours, soon after he could only let a out a squeak. The researchers concluded that he tore his vocal cords. The other subjects had no reaction to the screaming, which confused the researchers. Not until the second subject started screaming did the other subjects react, they tore apart the books and smeared them with their own feces and pasted them onto the window and the screaming stopped.

After 3  more days only silence filled the chamber. The researchers would check the microphones every hour since they thought that with 5 people in the chamber it would be impossible to not make noise. There were 5 people alive according to how much oxygen was being consumed, in fact there was more oxygen being consumed like someone was doing heavy level strenuous exercise. On the fourteenth day the researchers wanted to get a reaction out of the subjects. They announced that they were coming inside the chamber and to be on the floor or else you would be shot. One of the subjects calmly responded, we no longer want to be freed.

The researches finally decided to open the chamber the next day. The sight wasn’t very pleasing, one of the subjects was dead torn from limb to limb by the other subjects. The other four had mutilated themselves close to death. They would have to go through surgery to save their life. They were terrified to go to sleep and pleaded to stay in the chamber. Even though they resisted they were forcibly pulled out, they couldn’t be sedated because they were so aggressive and could easily hurt or even kill someone if someone tried. So they proceeded the surgery to save them without anesthetic.

Again when the surgery was finished they pleaded to go back to the chamber and the head researcher gave in and told the his team to let the subjects back in to the chamber. But one of the researchers got a gun and shot the head researcher and 3 of the subjects that were left. Before he killed the last one he asked the subject a question, “What are you?” The subjected responded, “Have you forgotten so easily? We are you. We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread”. The researcher then ended the last remaining subject’s life.

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