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Rainbow Six: Siege's New Italian Characters

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is a game that has picked up huge amounts of popularity from its weak launch and is now considered one of the best first person shooter games today, both by casual and competitive audiences.

The game´s concept is simple: both teams of five choose an ¨Operator¨, or playable character. Inspired by real life counter terrorism units like the FBI and GSG9, these operators each have a special ability. Teams will defend and complete certain objectives like defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, and securing areas. It is known for being a very tactical game, with teamplay encouraged. Releasing in June 2018, the game will be getting its second content expansion for 2018, also known as Operation: Para Bellum.

When translated to English, Para Bellum is Latin for ¨prepare for war¨. This is a very apt name for the event as it is mainly set in Italy. With Operation: Chimera launching last March and its two attacking operators, Para Bellum does the opposite and adds two defending operators. Both operators come from Italy´s main counter terrorism unit, the Gruppo Intervento Speciale (or GIS for short). The first defender is known by her codename Alibi, and is able to deploy her Prisma holograms, which look exactly like her. If the attacking team shoots her holograms, Alibi will be alerted of the shooter´s position and be able to track them down, much like Spanish operator, Jackal released in 2017´s Operation: Velvet Shell. The second operator is the charismatic yet disciplined Maestro, his codename being Italian for ¨master.¨ His ability are the Evil Eye turrets, special mechanical turrets that he drills into walls. Their onboard cameras are capable of seeing through smoke and when their shutters are closed, they are completely bulletproof. When they are open, they are able to shoot militarized lasers at attackers. The new operation also comes with a map known as Villa. Set in the Italian countryside, the map consists of an Italian mansion and its surroundings. Players will battle through marble rooms and vineyards, all under the glow of the sunset on the Mediterranean sea.

Many of Rainbow Six: Siege´s players look forward to the event (including myself) and how these new operators will change the competitive balance of the game. From gameplay we´ve seen so far, the operators seem to be fairly well balanced along with Villa being fair for both the attacking and defending sides. Whether you have played the game before or not, Operation: Para Bellum is a great time to jump into the game and join the community.

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