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 You made it!  Happy last day of school!
Remember to clear your lockers and return the PE locks to your teacher.
Back to school starts August 23.


2 Sentence Horror Stories


  • “There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.” This one might explain itself but this means someone or something was in their house to take that picture of them sleeping.
  • “You hear your mom calling you downstairs from the kitchen. As you are heading down the stairs you can hear a whisper from the closet “Don’t go down there honey, I heard it too.” That means someone or something is downstairs calling for her, who isn’t her mom because her mom is in the closet.
  • “The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flash 12:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarm clock read 12:06, I heard my closet door creak open.” This is saying that it’s going to happen again at 12:07 and that was a vision she had of it and she has only about a minute till it gets her.
  • “I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.” This means that this person is dead and was buried and they are somehow still alive or that is what death is like.
  • “After struggling desperately to move any part of his paralytic body just to alert the doctors he was conscious before they made the first incision, he was relieved to see one have the nurses has noticed is pupils dilating from the bright light. She leaned in close and, in a whisper that tickled his ear, said “You think we don’t know you’re awake?” This one means that the nurses and doctors know that he’s still awake and they are doing surgery on him when he is purposely awake.
  • “My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.” This is saying that the daughter is pretty much dead and is probably haunting her.
  • “Growing up with cats and dogs I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it's much more unsettling.” This one is quite interesting because something is scratching at that door even though they have no pets or live alone.
  • “She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t.” This one is a little hard to get but what its saying is something or someone in the room is breathing heavily and he or she isn’t the one breathing heavily so that automatically assumes something other than them is doing the heavy breathing.


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