Overwatch's Breast Cancer Charity Event

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Blizzard´s hit team-based shooter game Overwatch is already known for its positive view of the future and the world, especially people within it.

All 27 heroes in the game represent their native country positively and use their abilities, tools, and weapons to fight sources of evil and to protect innocent people. Because of this, it was very fitting that Blizzard's new charity event for the game also fought sources of evil and protected innocents all through one of the game’s playable characters:  the Swiss combat medic/guardian angel, Angela Ziegler, better known by her code name, Mercy.

On May 8, of 2018, the game´s staff director, Jeff Kaplan did one of his usual developer updates on the Overwatch YouTube channel. But instead of his usually cheerful demeanor, he had a solemn tone in his voice as he spoke about the damage caused by cancer, most notably breast cancer. In light of this, he introduced a new addition to the game: a new in-game skin that allows players to customize Mercy.

For 15 dollars, the purchase on any platform would give the player the Pink Mercy skin. The skin would be available from May 8 to May 22. Inspired by Japanese artwork, the skin gives Mercy a pink fantasy themed artwork complete with blonde pigtails, fluffy angel wings, and a staff emblazoned with magical pink crystals. The skin also changed some of her sound effects and visual effects. The money from buying the skin would all go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help fund the fight against breast cancer. It is fitting that the game´s main support character got this skin, as she is portrayed as the caretaker for other characters in the game, flying to them and healing up their wounds before taking to the sky again.

From May 8 to May 22, all people streaming Overwatch on the broadcasting site Twitch gave their viewers the chance to unlock even more Pink Mercy themed items within the game. Select streamers also made their donations that usually went to them instead went to BCRF.

A few days after the special event ended, Blizzard announced how much money they had received from the community: a jaw-dropping amount of over $10 million dollars was raised for breast cancer research. This has proved that the Overwatch community and the gaming community as a whole truly can change the world. All through everyone's favorite guardian angel, Mercy and her most signature quote: ¨heroes never die!¨