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Far Cry 5's TRUE Story

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One of the most anticipated games this year was Ubisoft's Far Cry 5, an open world action adventure game filled with explosions and wacky side plots.

The main premise of the game was that a religious based dictator-like cult known as Project at Eden's Gate, has taken over the fictional Hope County in rural Montana. You, an unnamed player, are tasked with using any means necessary from stopping the cult from enacting their plans, saving the residents of Hope County, and ultimately making sure that Joseph Seed, the tyrannical leader of the cult sees his end.

Due to the advertising of the game, many were convinced the game would tackle a lot of popular topics in the political climate, things like gun control, religion, freedom of choice, gender roles, the opioid crisis, and many more. People were excited to see these hot topic issues covered in a video game while they fought to stop a cult of (heavily armed) acolytes from bringing the Rapture upon the world. When Far Cry 5 finally released, many (me included) were disappointed to see these themes were either ignored completely or lightly brushed over. People thought the storyline present within the final game was lackluster and not as good as originally perceived. But the game has a much more intelligent and thought provoking story, you just have to dig deeper to find it…


The main antagonist of the game, Joseph Seed, has three partners, known as the Heralds to Project at Eden's Gate. They are Jacob Seed, Joseph´s older brother who leads the cult´s military forces, John Seed, Joseph's younger brother who secures land and indoctrination of new members, and finally Rachel Jessop, an ¨adopted¨ sister of the Seed family who produces and releases Bliss, a hallucinatory gas that can control people. Not stated in the game, each one represents one of the infamous Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Joseph is Death, Jacob is War, John is Conquest, and Rachel is Famine. These Biblical references are part of the game´s deeper plot, which can be explored through in game notes and audio logs. These in-game tidbits tell us about each of the Heralds´ troubled past and what lead them to become the terrorists they are today. Rachel was abused and depressed as a teenager, Jacob´s experiences in the Gulf War gave him serious mental trauma, John was mentally abused and brainwashed, and the death of Joseph´s parents that caused him to turn to religion in the first place.

With all of this being stated, Far Cry 5´s true message is this: stopping the cycle of evil involves doing good. With both of the game´s endings resulting in bad consequences, (one being Montana becoming a nuclear hellscape and the other ends with you killing your squad mates). The way these endings are both achieved are through trying to force Joseph Seed and his Heralds into arrest after killing their soldiers. The Heralds all believe they are doing the right thing in order to correct the traumatic experiences in their lives. The only positive ending is the hidden one at the beginning of the game, where you choose not to apprehend Seed. You simply leave his church, don´t inflict more harm on him then has already happened, and walk into the cool, night air of Hope County, Montana, with the cycle of violence stopped.

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