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 You made it!  Happy last day of school!
Remember to clear your lockers and return the PE locks to your teacher.
Back to school starts August 23.


Saint Patrick's Day Myth

There’s a myth that Ireland was infested with snakes when Saint Patrick showed up. It’s said that Saint Patrick found a sermon that banished the snakes into the sea, keeping Ireland snake free still to this day. We celebrate Saint Patrick's Day to commemorate how he saved Ireland from the snakes

Imagine Dragons Evolve Album Review

With the recent addition of their newest song, Imagine Dragons’ Evolve has “evolved” into an even more enjoyable album.

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What Students in Kuna are Wearing

Many of the different variety of styles include Rocker, Punk Fashion, Preppy, Gothic Fashion, Bohemianism, Classic, Tomboy, Chic, Casual, Vintage, etc. They say that your style explains the kind of person you are. Many can believe that, many don’t. In Kuna, many people wear athletic clothing from Adidas to Nike, or casual and camo clothing. But which students are going out of their way to make a fashion statement? Our school seems to have a lot of the same style, so we don’t really seem to look at the different styles there are.

Fashion means a popular trend, especially in styles of dress, but it doesn’t always has to follow the current trend. For example, many people today recreate some of the trends from the ‘80s and sometimes add a twist to it. Many don’t normally follow whatever fashion is new, so that’s why they are inspired by other styles, or sometimes they dress in the way they like. Makenna Jackson is a junior at Kuna High, and when asked if she considers her fashion style to be a form of art and why, she said, “I do in a way, it gives me the option to express myself through clothing and show things that I enjoy such as flowers, bands, etc.” What inspires her to dress the way she does, and who or what is her inspiration?, “I get inspired by fashion pictures on Instagram and then put my own twist to them. What inspires me is I like the feeling cute and good about myself. It’s uplifting.”

For many, dressing up the way they do can make a statement, or signify something that means a lot to them, so is Makenna trying to say a statement, or maybe sometimes?, “Not really, I dress the way I do to possibly inspire others to be themselves and wear what they want to wear.” Would she consider herself different from everyone else, and why?, “Of course I’m different, not everyone will be the same. Even though I get my outfit ideas from other people, I still find a way to make it my own.” Everyone is unique in their own way, we can’t look at each other with judgement. No matter what, there will always be different styles around us, wherever we go.

Why Chickens Float

Most of us don’t know this but when you place a chicken in water it will float, but how do they float? Well chickens’ bodies are buoyant meaning they are able to stay afloat in liquids,  do not voluntarily put chickens in a body of water, it is actually very bad for their bodies. Unlike ducks their wings do not have a protective oil on them, without the oil it causes molding.They can only float for short amounts of time. If you leave them in water they actually will die very fast, so it is not preferred to put them in water. Chickens are very cool animals and putting them in water till they die can actually be considered animal abuse. If you are interested in seeing chickens float there are very many funny videos on it, but if you own a few please do not do this at home. It may be funny but very dangerous and harming to your chicken, they may never be the same after this experience.


Life Changing Quotes

There is many hardships in life and we all need that one good piece of advice that gets us back on our feet. Advice can really be anything and it can be useful no matter how silly or serious. Some of pieces of advice have formed throughout the years and has been changed and improved.

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