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 You made it!  Happy last day of school!
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Back to school starts August 23.


Young Artists of Kuna

Many artists live in our school walls, and some of them are really young, but they are very talented with their creative minds. They create anything, whether it would be from their own mind, or from inspiration. Even if they aren’t inspired, they create something with their own hands to make it into their own creation. It’s a feeling they have, that they put onto a blank creation. There are too many forms of art, but the well known ones include: drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, architecture, sculpture, and conceptual art.

One of the young artists from Kuna is Miriam Mendez. She is a student at the middle school with a passion for art that she has had for awhile now. How did she fall in love with art? Well, she responded with, “Every stroke in art has a meaning. Every texture has a feeling. I’ve always loved drawing, painting, and coloring. Having something that is made from my hands fascinates me. I love the feeling of creating.” Like many artists, they can inspire so many people, or some may be the ones who are the inspiration, “I get inspired. I’m not at the level of where I can inspire myself though. Music videos, books, and movies all inspire me.” There’s always a story behind a piece of art, there might even be thoughts of what an artist was thinking during their masterpiece, so what was Miriam feeling?, “Everything. I think about the texture, features, values, colors, and the meaning.” Last but not least, if art was an actual person what would she say to them?, “Thank you, because without you, I wouldn’t be myself. You’re like a therapist, I can draw anything for you. And you will understand without explanation. I’m sorry, because there would times where I would use you to fit in, when I could be making my own pieces”. Art means a lot to her, if you can’t already tell. She treats art as if she was in a relationship with it.

Many of her art is inspiration from many genres from music. She sometimes draws a famous singer, and paints it. But when she’s feeling a certain way, whether it would be good or bad, she will create anything. It’s a way for her to escape the things that go on in this world. Thomas Merton said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”, and that’s what Miriam feels as she creates. She is still finding herself, but wants to keep getting lost in her world of art.

Guys and Dolls Musical

Our Spring Musical this year was “Guys and Dolls” and was based off of the 1950’s movie starring Frank Sinatra. The musical was performed in the Kuna Performing Arts Center on March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It was set in New York City, circa 1950. In the musical, the main character, Nathan Detroit, is a gambler and is looking for a location to host his craps game. Needing money to rent out a garage, he bets Sky Masterson that Sky can’t get a date with Sister Sarah Brown, who is a part of the Save A Soul Mission and is against gambling. Nathan, confident that he will win the bet, invites other players for his craps game, and tells the owner of the garage that he is celebrating his decision to marry his fiancee after 14 of engagement. However, he lost the bet and ending up having to actually get married to his fiancee, even though he didn’t want to settle down. A lot happened in the musical, the musical was obviously based off of the original musical, but Kuna had our own spin on it. Several of the props that usually say NYC said Kuna instead, and the musical had several jokes relating to Idaho and Kuna directly. I interviewed Maya Franscella and she said that the Havana scene was the hardest, not only for her, but the whole cast to perform. A message that she liked from the musical and that is relevant today is “people change for those who deserve it,” meaning that someone can come around and make you change for the better if they are special and kind enough.

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