Kavemen Komplications

Kavemen Komplications

Why is there gay pride everywhere[sic]. There is a gay pride flag on the wall, there is a table at lunch that hands out stickers and flags. There are posters on the wall. There are gay pride pyramids in almost every classroom. Yet we can't fly the confederate flag on the back of our trucks? We get in trouble for sketching a piece of history in class. Someone even got in trouble for flying the American Flag on the back of their truck! This is so incredibly disgusting, we can't show our love for this country through a flag, or a sketch. But there is gay pride every where around the school. How is it fair that there can be signs of gay pride everywhere but you can't have a single trace of the confederate flag, a piece of our history?!

  • Dylan


Gay pride is becoming a movement, the LGBTQ+ community is starting to finally show itself and become known and accepted. Our school is one of the most supportive of the LGBT community. The posters on the walls are for the LGBT students, saying that they should feel comfortable, safe and accepted. The reason you aren’t allowed to have a confederate flag is because of the national controversy about it. Many people see it only as a sign of slavery and with all of different religious and other belief issues the confederate flag has been set aside so people aren’t offended.

Many people are upset about the fact that they can’t have Confederate flags because of all the controversy that has been going on, between the severe acts of terrorism, or the white supremacists  a lot of things have changed, and things probably won’t be the same as they were. Hopefully once all the hate towards religion, people of color, and the LGBT community dies down, we will have a better world, a better society, and a better future.

“I was thinking about entering the talent show, but I choke up with fear whenever I'm performing, even in front of one person. Do you have any advice on how to overcome stage fright?”

  • Ali


Stage fright is something most people have at some point in their lives, even celebrities get nervous at times. Do you think Broadway stars are always confident when they go on stage? No; you just have to believe in yourself, and you’ll do great! Maybe it will help if you don’t go on stage alone - sometimes it’s helpful to have someone out there with you so you don’t feel alone.

I spoke with Ms. Jeppson, our school drama teacher, and she said that the best thing you could do to feel more confident in your abilities is practice. Over practice, know everything so well you could it in your sleep. It will eliminate the fear of making a mistake. She also said to do some breathing practices to help you calm down before hand.

Stage fright isn’t the easiest to overcome, but the best thing you can do is to just go up there and prove your passion for whatever your talent may be. You want to be in the talent show because you are proud of something you enjoy doing, when you are on stage don’t think of the people watching. When you’re up there, get so lost in what you’re doing that you forget where you are and that people are watching. Just go out there and have fun, that’s all that really matters.

Hope this helps :)



Elenora Schultz


Lately, I have felt like a burden to my family. Things have been really stressful and even if they don’t say it, I know they find me to be a disappointment. There’s just a lot going on and I'm not sure what to do. I just feel like I won’t ever catch up to who I’m supposed to be. I don’t have my license, my parents feel ashamed, I’m not great at school. I just don’t know. Should I just give up who I am and live by their standards? What’s your advice?

-  Pumpkin

Hey there!

I’m going to have to answer your ask with a solid, resounding no.

I can assure you that you are not in any way a burden to your family. So what you don’t have your license. You don’t need a license to feel accomplished or anything like that, seriously. I know a 29 year old who is just getting his license now. In fact, according to Tim Henderson, an author from PBS, nearly 71.5% of teenagers in 2015 didn’t get their license. You aren’t behind. I promise.  

“I don’t think I will ever catch up to what I’m supposed to be.” So tell me, what exactly are you supposed to be? You are young. Live your life. Don’t limit yourself to someone you are “supposed” to be and keep an openmind. Only then, will you become who you’re 'supposed' to be.

My point is you aren’t supposed to be anyone, besides the person you are currently. Live in the now, focus on what you want and need to do right now, and you will see that who you are supposed to be isn’t influenced by small things such as getting amazing grades or getting a license. They are irrelevant. You are successful because you choose to be successful and putting yourself into the ground, is not the way to do that.

Your family is blood. They will be with you through everything. You’re still young. Your parents understand that. They do what they do because they care.. It’s all because they care. Now, you say you are a burden and your family is ashamed. But are those facts really true? Family sticks with you through everything,, they are there. They are not ashamed of you, and I can assure you that you are not a burden.

I sit behind my screen, and I ask you, a complete stranger, to not change who you are.. I am a stranger, and I care… Your family cares. You are so young, my friend, don’t miss out on your opportunities.. So take care, love always, dream big, and most importantly, keep carrying on because what is life, but one grand adventure.


Evangelina Amity

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Problem- So a few months ago I went to the movies with my friend and we watched Spider-Man on Homecoming, it was really good and really funny. But the one part of the movie that I just couldn't seem to get over was Spider-Man himself. The actor who plays Spider-Man's name is Tom Holland, and I'm pretty sure I love him. I know that's kind of a bold thing to say, but I don't know. He’s just such a nice and funny person and he’s probably the hottest person I have ever witnessed in this world. He is so cute and so sweet and he’s just so hot to a point where I think I love him. I made a fan account for him on Instagram which became super popular with around 7,000 followers. And if I am being honest I think I am obsessed with him to the point where it is immensely unhealthy. I need help as to what to do and whether or not I should just give up and realize that he is a class A celebrity and it is never going to happen. What is a healthy balance so I can still enjoy him but not too much where he practically rules my life?


Advice- Oh boy, I sure have been there. I used to fangirl so hard over Zayn Malik from One direction. I had his posters strung all over my bedroom, his cd’s, and a blanket with his face on it. I was obsessed. But like all phases, I grew out of it. My advice is to cut your addiction cold turkey. Don’t watch his movies for awhile until the feelings fade, take a break from your Instagram account of him, and maybe focus your energy elsewhere. If you don’t know Tom Holland personally it could be hard to have any type of relationship with him. Even though he is super good looking there are other fish in the sea (who aren’t famous).


We all get a little celeb crazy sometimes but we have to know when to realize what’s too much. But who knows? Maybe one day you will meet him and fall in love. Good Luck!

Anonymous Annie

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Question // Guy A flirts with me a lot and Guy B shows actual interest in me. I like Guy A a lot. I’ll ask him if he likes me and he says “I like flirting with you but I'm not looking for a relationship right now” and he'll talk to a lot of other girls. When we do talk he tells me goodnight and I’ll post something ten minutes later and he is the first person to see it. Guy B shows actual dating interest in me and tells me all these nice things but I'm not sure if I like him or the attention. What do I do???


UGH! Guys are so confusing! One says they like you but doesn’t show it and one shows he likes you but you don’t like him as much. You’ve caught feelings for Guy A but he doesn’t seem as interested. If he is talking to other girls and not wanting to date you then it sounds to me like he is messing with your feelings and confusing you. He isn’t looking for a relationship because he wants to talk to multiple girls.


Guy B seems like the best bet in this situation. He shows his emotions and is straight up about his feelings for you. He is focusing all of his attention on you and not worrying about other girls. You on the other hand, have stronger feelings for Guy A. My advice is to drop Guy A so your feelings don’t get stronger and you can focus on Guy B and catch stronger feelings for him. Or just yanno, stay single.


Hope this helps, good luck!

Anonymous Annie

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