Kavemen Komplications

Kavemen Komplications

Question // Guy A flirts with me a lot and Guy B shows actual interest in me. I like Guy A a lot. I’ll ask him if he likes me and he says “I like flirting with you but I'm not looking for a relationship right now” and he'll talk to a lot of other girls. When we do talk he tells me goodnight and I’ll post something ten minutes later and he is the first person to see it. Guy B shows actual dating interest in me and tells me all these nice things but I'm not sure if I like him or the attention. What do I do???


UGH! Guys are so confusing! One says they like you but doesn’t show it and one shows he likes you but you don’t like him as much. You’ve caught feelings for Guy A but he doesn’t seem as interested. If he is talking to other girls and not wanting to date you then it sounds to me like he is messing with your feelings and confusing you. He isn’t looking for a relationship because he wants to talk to multiple girls.


Guy B seems like the best bet in this situation. He shows his emotions and is straight up about his feelings for you. He is focusing all of his attention on you and not worrying about other girls. You on the other hand, have stronger feelings for Guy A. My advice is to drop Guy A so your feelings don’t get stronger and you can focus on Guy B and catch stronger feelings for him. Or just yanno, stay single.


Hope this helps, good luck!

Anonymous Annie

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