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“This boy told me that he likes me and then is kinda starting to avoid me. I asked one of his friends what the deal was and he said that he likes me but only wants to be friends. Then I asked the boy who liked me what the deal was and he said that he likes me a lot but doesn't want hurt me. I told him that if he actually like me than he shouldn't worry about hurting me and all he said was “okay.” I’m really confused on if he actually likes me or not.”

To me it sounds like he had a crush but not enough to act on it by getting into a relationship. He says he likes you but he also doesn’t want to hurt you because he doesn’t want to have a relationship at the moment. Maybe take it slow and stay friends for a while longer and just talk to him the same as you always have as friends and keep things as normal as they were before. He isn’t ready for a relationship because he said he likes you but doesn't want to date yet which is okay. Just give it some time.

If he takes too long to start showing interest in you then I would move on. Just remember you are perfect the way you are and you do not need a boy to be happy. You have your friends, family, and yourself and that is enough. Boys are temporary so don’t get to upset about it or spend all your time dwelling on it. Hopefully things work out between you two but if he decides to remain just friends then that is okay, sometimes it is better to be friends than not have him in your life at all.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous Annie

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