Kavemen Komplications

“Well, last March something happened between my dad and his wife, at the time I was wearing makeup and one day my stepmom noticed that her mascara was missing. She asked my dad about it and he told her that I was not stealing her makeup and she became immensely upset because he sided with me over her and they got into days worth of fights. One day I came home from school and i saw that she was throwing all of his clothes outside of the window and I eventually realized she was drunk. Over time he came home and they got in a huge fight and she smashed a painting over his head causing him to bleed from the head. Over time the cops came over while they were just screaming and I had  to go my moms house and they got divorced, but a while ago he announced they got back together and now i'm mad at him and idk if i should forgive him”.

Well this was a pretty big fight but if I was you I would forgive him because this fight has only happened once, and they are adults so they should be able to get their stuff together. If they believe that they can quit fighting and actually make things work then let them try it out again. It’s not like the fight started because of you because you didn’t steal the mascara. It was very petty of her to get in a physical fight with him, but if she believes that things will work out, maybe they will.