Kavemen Komplications

I'm so lost about college applications, and what to write my college essay about, and even if I do get accepted, how do I leave the teeny town I've been in my entire life?

Going to college is important, it’s something that will strongly benefit you in the future, but it can be hard leaving everything you’ve known behind. A suggestion would be to pick a college that isn’t too far away from here. CWI, UofI, BSU, ISU, NIC, CSI, etc. are all colleges that are fairly close so that you could return to our teeny town on weekends and holidays without a long painstaking road trip.

The problem with staying local, is that you never get to see anything new; you won’t meet new people, and you’ll be limiting yourself. Harvard, Yale, Virginia Tech, all of these are outside of our little state, but they are some of the highest ranking schools in the country. If you decide to leave Kuna, Idaho, I’m sure you’ll love the change, and if you don’t you could always transfer back. Remember, it’s your future, you can do and make it whatever you want.

Now for the hard part: essays. I wish I could list off some basic topics and have that truly help, but it won’t. One of the biggest parts of the essay is letting your personality shine through. It has to be something personal, something that you truly care about and have a passion towards. If you really want to instantly capture the attention of the college, start with a story, a memory relating to the topic you chose. You could bring up your family, friends, food, failures, your dreams. The more invested you seem in your future, the more likely you are to get noticed. If they can see that you have a plan for the future and you know where you are going, then you are going to have a higher chance of being accepted.