Kelsey Miller '20


Hi my name is Kelsey and I am a freshman. I have joined News Production because writing has been an activity I enjoy and when I leave high school I would like to be a journalist and/or photographer. I think my choice on writing for The Echo was a fantastic decision.

Some advice for my fellow Freshmen would be to join sports and clubs. Sports and clubs let people explore what they enjoy and can also be an opportunity to make new friends. During the summer I tried out for the girl’s soccer team and have made some great friends along the way. Representing our school in an activity that you love to do would be another great reason to join a sports team. I joined the soccer team because I definitely wanted to represent the Kuna Kavemen.

Kailey Canary '19

I’m Kailey and I am a sophomore at Kuna High School. Last year was my first year in newspaper and it was fun to try something different.This year I am looking forward to learning more.Kailey

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Connor Leuck '18



Hi, my name is Connor Leuck and I am a Junior at Kuna High School. I am returning to the Echo for my third year, and I have lived in Kuna my entire life.

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Kacie Andrus '20


Hi my name is Kacie Andrus and I am a freshman at Kuna High School. I am so excited to be a part of newspaper because I will have the opportunity to write about what I love most: sports.

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Amanda Cupp '19

AmandaMy name is Amanda Cupp and I am returning as a sophomore to The Echo staff. This year is gonna be so much fun because this is my second year here and I am ready to be making bomb articles.

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