Amelia Roesner '18

     Things that I do for the newspaper is make sure that pictures look amazing and write articles for the world to read! I’m currently taking over the world one step at a time by working as a hostess at JB’s restaurant in Meridian; the next step is probably to become President of the United States and spread peace and joy but we don’t have to talk about that. For those of you who don’t know me, get to know me! I am a varsity cheerleader, competitive weightlifter, and varsity shot put thrower. Those sports don’t seem to fit with each other, however something that people learn quickly about me is that I don’t really follow the rules of society. I guess you could call me a rebel without a Ameliacause, or not. I enjoy making people laugh and smile because I believe that the world should live in happiness; my friends call me a total hippie and I completely agree with them to be honest. My first car is actually going to be a Volkswagon Bus, like the one Kelso wins on That 70’s Show. I have an abundant list of goals for this year, some of them being about my personal well being such as using meditation to open my mind and expand my thoughts, helping the community and ending my high school career with a bang! I believe that mostly everyone should set good goals for themselves and it’s my opinion that you are only as great as the goals you set for yourself, so creating mountain high goals helps you to reach the top.