Kailey Canary '19

I’m Kailey and I am a sophomore at Kuna High School. Last year was my first year in newspaper and it was fun to try something different.This year I am looking forward to learning more.Kailey

The type of articles I am writing about homecoming, prom, and other activities around the school. As a sophomore, I am looking forward to getting to know new teachers, classes, and friends. Some hobbies that I often spend time doing are sleeping, hanging out with friends,eating, and watching Netflix.The main shows I watch on Netflix are Friends and American Horror Story. While I’m on my phone I spend my time on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. My favorite foods are french fries, tacos, and spaghetti I also have foods that I avoid and they are bananas, strawberries and whipped cream. I don’t eat them because I can’t stand the texture or taste. If I’m not eating or watching Netflix, I am spending time with my dogs: Claude, my St. Bernard and Pugsley, my pug. Now that you know some stuff about me I hope you will take the time to check out the articles I write.