Women´s March

For centuries, women have been seen as being inferior to men whether its their right to vote, gettign an education, being able to provide their own money, or even buying a house. But, over time, women slowly became less and less looked down upon, to the point of where we’re at today. Still to this day, women still face oppression, such as women still don’t get paid as much as men in the workplace. Example: “ In the Medscape compensation report, male dermatologists reported median pay of $300,000, while female dermatologist's received median pay of $262,500.” According to , women legally are required to remain shirtless in Idaho while men are only legally required to wear underwear, etc. So in order to protest against this and fight for the equality that women truly deserve, American citizens across the US joined together on Saturday, January 21st. Women's march is an annual protest that happens every January 21st since 2016. One of its main motives is protesting Donald Trump and his decisions and how they affect women in America. The main location of Women's march takes place at the capitol in Washington D.C, however, a protest takes place in each state in America at its capitol building. So next year, January 21st 2019, be sure to have your pink hats and your protesting signs ready!